The walls of Davies Canyon, Kanangra-Boyd National Park

The walls of Davies Canyon, Kanangra-Boyd National Park

Kanangra-Boyd National Park lies around 130km to the west of Sydney, and south-west of the Blue Mountains National Park. Like much of the Greater Blue Mountains, the entire area is an uplifed plateau, dissected by deep gorges which make access to many areas difficult. The majority of Kanangra-Boyd is a declared wilderness area, and there are significant opportunities for adventure in the park - bushwalking, canyoning, caving, and liloing just to name a few.


The two main access roads into the park are Kanangra Walls Rd and the Oberon-Colong Stock Route. Kanangra Walls Rd is reached by turning off the Great Western Hwy at Hartley, following signs to Jenolan Caves, and once past the caves, following signs to Kanangra Walls. The Oberon-Colong Stock Route is reached by following signs from Oberon.



The park has a wide variety of walks available, from short day walks to multi-day adventures which may extend into Blue Mountains NP and beyond. The Lookout Walk and Waterfall Walk are two short walks with spectacular views. Further afield, many routes lead to the wild and scenic Kowmung River. Also, the walk from Kanangra to Katoomba is one of the best known longer walks in the southern Blue Mountains.


The canyons in Kanangra-Boyd are somewhat different from those of the northern Blue Mountains, as they tend to be more open, with bigger abseils and less deep dark constrictions. Dione Dell is one of the easier canyons in the area, while Kanangra Main and Danae Brook are spectacular, but long and difficult days. Many of the abseils in these canyons are long and exposed, and great care must be taken.

Mountain Biking

As much of the area is wilderness, the opportunities for mountain biking are limited. The fire roads that run off the Boyd Plateau are probably the best options, and there is quite a network of those.


Liloing down the Kowmung River is an enjoyable summer activity, as the river runs through some spectacular cliffs. Care must be taken as there are some large falls at points. Other creeks in the park are a bit small and rocky to be worthwhile.


Some large sections of Kanangra-Boyd were reserved to protect karst features such as caves, stalactites and arches. Some of these areas include Colong Caves, Tuglow Caves, and Billys Creek Caves. Caving is a popular activity, although permits must be applied for to visit any of these. Casual visitors are advised to visit the nearby Jenolan and Wombeyan Caves.


Bulga Denis Canyon

Time: 3 days Distance: 27km Fitness: M Skill: MH Ascent: 870m

An excellent walk showing off the great variety of scenery in Kanangra-Boyd NP.

Kanangra to Carlon's Farm (Green Gully)

Time: 3 days Distance: 36km Fitness: M Skill: M Ascent: 1380m

A variant on one of the classic Blue Mountains walks - finishing at Carlon's Farm below Blackheath, rather than at Katoomba

Kanangra to Katoomba

Time: 3 days Distance: 45km Fitness: MH Skill: M Ascent: 1350m

An excellent crossing of the southern Blue Mountains with a variety of scenery

Cottage Rock

Time: 4 hrs Distance: 9km Fitness: E Skill: EM Ascent: 160m

A relatively easy day walk with excellent views at a number of points along the way.

Gingra Range

Time: 2 days Distance: 36km Fitness: MH Skill: EM Ascent: 890m

A long but fairly straightforward walk out to the junction of the wild Kowmung River with Gingra Creek

Hatchers Hollow

Time: 2 days Distance: 24km Fitness: MH Skill: MH Ascent: 840m

A challenging walk to this excellent campsite on the picturesque Kowmung River

Orange Bluff

Time: 2 days Distance: 22km Fitness: EM Skill: EM Ascent: 850m

The shortest walk from Kanangra Walls to the scenic Kowmung River, with an excellent campsite below the towering Orange Bluff

Brumby and Hughes Ridges

Time: 2 days Distance: 30km Fitness: MH Skill: M Ascent: 850m

A harder walk in the upper reaches of the beautiful lower Kowmung River.