Mt Dingo, Mt Merrimerrigal and Mt Warrigal from Mt Mouin

Mt Dingo, Mt Merrimerrigal and Mt Warrigal from Mt Mouin

The Wild Dog Mountains lie at the southern end of the Megalong Valley, roughly bounded by the end of Narrow Neck Plateau to the east, the Coxs River to the south, and the Krungle Bungle Range to the west.

In the days of the early settlers, one of the ridges radiating out from the major peaks was known as a "black dog of a ridge", and the name stuck. White Dog Ridge followed, and when Myles Dunphy was proposing names for the other features of the area, the theme was continued. Other ridges include Snarling Dog Ridge, Growler Ridge, Little Dingo Ridge, Brindle Pup Ridge and Faithful Hound Ridge, just to name a few. With the exception of Mt Mouin, the major peaks, Mts Warrigal, Merrimerrigal and Dingo, are all named after native dogs as well.

The area is popular for bushwalking as most of the ridges are fairly open and can be climbed, meaning a variety of both day and overnight walks can be put together.


Most of the walks in the Wild Dogs start and probably finish at the Dunphy Camping Area, formerly Carlons Farm, in the Megalong.

To get there, drive to Blackheath, and take the left turn (coming from Katoomba) across the railway line at the traffic lights in town. Turn left again immediately, and then take the first right. After about 700m take a left turn, following the sign to Megalong Valley. The road winds down into the creek for the next few kilometres. About 13km after the turnoff you cross Megalong Creek at the Old Ford Reserve bridge. Continue along the (now unsealed) road for about 7km, through a couple of gates to reach the old farmhouse of Green Gully. Cross the bridge at Galong Creek and head up the hill on the other side. At the T-junction at the top, turn left, and the camping and parking area is at the top of the next hill.



There is virtually unlimited scope for putting together walks in this area. Almost every ridge can be climbed, so the combination of routes for a walk is really up to your imagination.

Heading west, Ironpot Mountain and Ironmonger Hill is one of the most popular ways to the Coxs River. Another is via Carlon Creek and Breakfast Creek. Both of these are on tracks.

To the south, the main routes are either via the fire trail to Medlow Gap, or down Carlon Creek and Blackhorse Ridge. From there you can access the various mountains, Mouin, Warrigal, Merrimerrigal and Dingo, the latter being the site of Splendour Rock. Alternatively, head west along the Blue Dog Track to Knights Deck and the Coxs River.

This is just a starting point.


Dunphys Camping Area has a pit toilet and barbeques. It is a nice grassy setting below the cliffs of Narrow Neck.


Access to the Coxs River is usually via a 300m plus descent and climb, so kayaking is not common. However, when the river is up a bit, it can be packrafted.


Kanangra to Carlon's Farm (Green Gully)

Time: 3 days Distance: 36km Fitness: M Skill: M Ascent: 1380m

A variant on one of the classic Blue Mountains walks - finishing at Carlon's Farm below Blackheath, rather than at Katoomba

Kanangra to Katoomba

Time: 3 days Distance: 45km Fitness: MH Skill: M Ascent: 1350m

An excellent crossing of the southern Blue Mountains with a variety of scenery

Breakfast Creek and Ironmonger Hill

Time: 5 hrs Distance: 13km Fitness: M Skill: M Ascent: 600m

A good introduction to the Wild Dog Mountains. Some creek hopping and ridge walking add variety to some spectacular scenery.

Tarros Ladder and Carlon Head

Time: 5 hrs Distance: 16km Fitness: M Skill: H Ascent: 500m

A challenging walk visiting two of the climbing passes of Narrow Neck

Dunphys Pass and Harmil Ledge

Time: 6 hrs Distance: 10km Fitness: EM Skill: MH Ascent: 490m

An excellent walk along two of the shale ledge passes of Narrow Neck, with great views on a clear day

Coxs River - Six Foot Track

Time: 5 hrs Distance: 14km Fitness: E Skill: E Ascent: 290m

A pleasant, easy walk to one of the most accessible sections of the Coxs River

Splendour Rock

Time: 2 days Distance: 24km Fitness: EM Skill: M Ascent: 640m

A walk with lots of variety, visiting a famous lookout and home of the Bushwalkers War Memorial

Knights Deck

Time: 8 hrs Distance: 16km Fitness: MH Skill: M Ascent: 1080m

An excellent walk visiting two spectacular lookouts in the Wild Dog Mountains

Mt Mouin

Time: 6 hrs Distance: 15km Fitness: M Skill: EM Ascent: 640m

A solid walk to one of the highest of the peaks in the Wild Dogs, with great views