Do you offer tours or guided walks?

No. We don't offer walking tours. You may like to look at joining a bushwalking club, or alternatively, the NPWS may be able to assist you with finding a tour operator

Is Park X open?

We don't run the parks, we just write about them. You'll need to talk to NPWS (National Parks and Wildlife Service). They have a Contact page.

Where can I get maps for these walks?

Topographic maps can be purchased from various outdoor stores, and from the Map Centre (Parramatta).

They can also be downloaded for free online from NSW Spatial Services (LPI), or physical copies ordered from other online stores such as Cartodraft, MapWorld and Melbourne Map Centre

Finally, you can also view (and possibly print, if you know what to do) topographic maps from online services such as, and SIXMaps.

Why introduce a new grading system when there are already so many out there?

While there are a lot of systems out there, none of them yet have been generally accepted by the bushwalking community. Most of these systems lump the fitness and experience components together, when some people have a lot of one without much of the other. This system aims to distinguish between walks of radically different natures. Keep in mind that no system is perfect. No system can summarise a walk in a handful of letters.

Why is there no link from Park X to Walk Y?

Well, either Walk Y has nothing to do with Park X, or I've missed creating a connection between them in the database. Since they all have to be done manually, a few errors are bound to exist. Send me an email and I'll link them.

Why do you only cover NSW?

NSW is a big place. There are over 800 national parks, nature reserves and state conservation areas in NSW alone. Multiply that by a number of walks for each national park and you can see the potential size of the task at hand. Given that someone has to write content for each park, walk and region that is in the site, it is just too much to ask to cover Australia as a whole. In addition, I have done comparatively little walking outside NSW, so I'm not qualified to write content, and more importantly, check content submitted to me.

The site is a bit bare at the moment. What are you doing about that?

Trying to cover NSW as a whole is an ambitious goal, and not something that's going to happen overnight. If you have any reports, reviews, park summaries etc that you think would fit in with the site, please email them to me. I add information whenever I have time, but I do have a job and I like to actually go bushwalking, canyoning etc myself, not just write about it. In any case, I do have to hit the trails to be able to write up a walk.

What are the next things you are going to add?

Bottom line is more content. So if you have a walk that you would like to see included, write up a report or track notes and send it in! Maps for the rest of the walks. A search engine for walks is high up once the number of walks reaches a critical mass. Ability for people to add their comments to any given page is also planned. Other than that, most of the work is writing content.