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A cleft in the rock with the painted sign

Medlow Bath is an old area for bushwalking with many tracks constructed in the early part of this century. This is an interesting walk on a number of old tracks. What I found quite amazing was how easy the 370m of ascent/descent were. Certainly a pleasant way into the Megalong Valley.


As you drive into Medlow Bath from the east on the Great Western Highway, take the exit to the left just before the road goes over the railway line past the Hydro Majestic. Turn left into Belgravia St, the first street on the left, and park near the end.

Alternatively, catch the train to Medlow Bath. Cross to the side of the road with the Hydro Majestic, and turn right along the footpath. The first street on your left is Belgravia St.

Track notes

From 09 Sep 2004, last checked 09 Sep 2004

The track starts from the end of Belgravia St, on the right hand side, where a sign says "Track". Follow the track as it switchbacks down the hill. Pass a small track on the right, and ignore another track to the rightabout 20m further on. The latter has an old metal sign nailed to a tree that used to say "Marks Tomb" (it now just says "Tomb"). 50m past this, turn right at a T-intersection. After about another 100m you will see a faint track on your right, which you should take. This goes down some old sandstone stairs and shortly reaches a saddle. Note a track continuing down the gully to your left from the saddle, which you will take when you return.

Cross the saddle on to the outcrop on the other side, and head out to the end to Tucker's Lookout for excellent views of the Megalong Valley and Shipley Plateau to your right. If it is a clear day, you may be able to see the Wild Dog Mountains and the Kanangra peaks in the distance.

Return to the saddle, and head down a zigzagging track through the cliffs, which swings right at the bottom under the lookout. Continue down the track which heads to the edge of the cliff on carved sandstone steps. Be careful in this next section as the track is quite exposed, although not difficult.

The track crosses a narrow ledge and into a cleft, descending wooden steps at the bottom. There is then a short descent down a metal ladder. Continue down more formed steps along the cliff edge. There is wire netting and metal poles between you and the cliff, but they are more decorative than protective.

Old carved sandstone steps backed by a battered wire fence

The last bit is a little tricky as a bridge across the gap is no longer there. It is not too tricky to traverse as there are some hand and foot holds, but be careful. You immediately reach a track junction with a painted sign, one way to the valley, the other to the 'coliseum', an acceptable alternative spelling of Colosseum. Take the track to the right to the valley.

Follow the well-benched track for about 500m to a hairpin. Just around the hairpin the track has been covered by a number of fallen trees, and is a little difficult to negotiate. From here it is a very easy grade, contouring around the spurs and into the gullies, heading gently down.

Unfortunately if you continue along the track all the way, you end up in private property and have to climb a barbed wire fence to get to the picnic area. If you choose this option, the track continues down through a rainforest gully and crosses a creek, swinging sharply to the right. It then becomes more vague as the terrain flattens. Look for the cutting to tell you which way it goes. Finally you reach a cairn, where the more obvious track takes a sharp left turn. Keep going straight on the less obvious track, which swings slowly right onto another very old fire trail, from where you should be able to see the road. Cross the fence and head right for about 400m to the picnic area.

Alternatively, as the track passes around the spur between the two parallel creeks on the map at about MGA472706 (Katoomba), drop down the trackless ridge for about 200m. You should hit a barbed wire fence. Turn right and follow the edge of the fence down to the road, and head right to the picnic area.

After a break here and a bit of a look around, retrace your steps back to the car. Alternatively, at the creek crossing mentioned above, it is possible to locate an old track that leads up to the Colosseum, although the track is difficult to follow, and in poor repair. It starts on the left side of the creek, and crosses to the right about half way up. At the Colosseum, climb right up to the cliff, and then follow the somewhat exposed track back to the junction with the painted sign.

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Personal reports

09/09/2004 - Medlow Bath: Belgravia St - Valley Farm Track - Blackheath Glen - Colosseum (photos)