Time:4 hrs
Distance:11 km
Ascent:200 m
Maps: LPI Broken Bay 9130-1N 1:25000
LPI Mona Vale 9130-1S 1:25000
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Pittwater from the lookout at the end of the Bairne Track

There are a number of walks in the West Head part of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park that follow ridges out to lookouts. Most of these involve retracing your route on the way back. This walk links a couple of tracks together in a loop, and in summer would be a good opportunity for a swim along the way. It is best to time this walk so that it is low tide as you make your way around to Towlers Bay. Otherwise you will either have to climb up the steep hillside in places, or get wet feet.


The Bairne Track Trackhead (track no 8) is on your right, as you are driving out along West Head Rd, about 8km after the toll booth. It is over the crest of a hill, just after you pass the Topham Track on your left. Park at the start of the track on West Head Rd.

Track notes

From 03 Jun 2001, last checked 03 Jun 2001

Follow the Bairne Track for about 2.5km to its branch with Soldiers Point Track, and take the right fork. This leads after 1km to an excellent lookout over Pittwater.

Backtrack a few hundred metres, looking out for a small path off to the right, as you walk back. It may be marked with a small cairn, and the track down may be marked with tape. Follow this down to near the water's edge and continue around to the right to the secluded beach. This is a nice spot for lunch as it gets relatively few visitors, except from the boats.

From the beach, rock hop around the point, across the creek down the end of the bay, and follow the beach around to Towlers Bay. Facing landward from the small wharf, the Towlers Bay Track goes right towards a building, then sharply left, and contours around the ridge. Bypass the YHA, and at the next fork you can take either path. They both meet further up, and the path climbs to meet the road about 1.5km from where you originally parked your car.

Everyone goes into zombie mode shortly after lunch

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Personal reports

03/06/2001 - Bairne and Towlers Bay Tracks: Bairne Track - LO - Towlers Bay - Towlers Bay Track (report | photos)