Time:2 hrs
Maps: LPI Cowan 9130-4N 1:25000
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Berowra Creek from the lookout at Collingridge Point

Marramarra National Park is one of the less well known national parks in the Sydney region. This walk is a good introduction, with an easy walk to a pleasant lookout over Berowra Creek and Joe Crafts Bay.


Getting there is probably the hardest part of the walk! Turn off Galston Rd at Galston into Arcadia Rd. If you set your trip meter to 0 here, then at 4.2km turn left into Cobah Rd. Cobah Rd takes some strange turns, but all have street signs. At 7.5km Cobah Rd hits a crossroad and turns into Bloodwood Rd. Follow Bloodwood Rd to the 12.2km mark, where you hit a signposted fork, with the left fork being to Marramarra Creek and the right one being to Coba Ridge. Take the right fork, and at the 12.9km mark you reach a locked gate. Park here.

Track notes

From 24 Feb 2002, last checked 24 Feb 2002

The walk is quite straightforward. Continue along the main fire trail passing minor fire trails to the north and south after about 2 km, and some more minor trails to the south after about 3.5km. At about 4 km you will reach a major junction. The left fork heads towards Coba Point. Take the right fork. Less than a kilometre further on you reach the lookout above Collingridge Point. To return, simply retrace your steps.

If you have time it may be worth exploring some of the other fire trails off to the north and south of the main trail. The one to the north after about 2km has some good views.

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Personal reports

24/02/2002 - Collingridge Point: (report)