Marramarra National Park lies on the southern side of the Hawkesbury River about 50km north-west of Sydney. It covers nearly 12,000ha of sandstone ridges and mangrove swamps. Being a relatively small park the opportunities for activities are limited, but good day walks and some overnight walks are possible, as well as kayaking in the waterways that bound the park.


There are two main roads leading to the boundaries of the park. Bloodwood Rd, Fiddletown, leads to the southern edge of Marramarra and can be reached by turning off Arcadia Rd into Cobah Rd. Canoelands Rd, off the Old Northern Rd past Glenorie, runs into the middle of the park. Other roads on the boundary include the Old Northern Rd on the west side, Singleton Rd at Wisemans Ferry, and Peebles Rd at Fiddletown. It is also possible to kayak to a number of good camping spots on the Hawkesbury River and Berowra Creek. Public transport is not really an option.



Many of the ridges that run into the park have fire trails along them, and these are an easy way to access the park by foot. The most popular ones are Marramarra Ridge Trail and Smugglers Ridge Trail, from Bloodwood Rd. Coba Ridge Trail also leads to good views out over Berowra Creek. Gentlemans Halt is another popular walk, along the Sydney to Newcastle pipeline, from Canoelands Rd. There is camping at both Gentlemans Halt and Marramarra Ck, and fires are only permitted at those two places in the park.


Kayaking is a good way to experience the mangroves and cliff faces that line Berowra Creek and the Hawkesbury River. Much of the park fronts on to these waterways and several days could be spent paddling around here. Campsites are easily accessed by water at Gentlemans Halt and at Marramarra Ck upstream from Big Bay, and there are two small beaches on Berowra Ck between Coba Bay and Big Bay that are accessible only by boat for picnicking.

Mountain Biking

Due to the number of fire trails in the park there is plenty of opportunity for mountain biking. However, most of the rides are relatively short, and you will usually have to retrace your route on the way back. Bikes are allowed on fire trails except where expressly prohibited, but not on walking tracks.


Collingridge Point

Time: 2 hrs Distance: 10km Fitness: E Skill: E Ascent: 30m

An easy walk along a flat ridge to a good lookout in Marramarra National Park.