Walking the normally dry bed of Howes Valley Creek, Yengo National Park

Walking the normally dry bed of Howes Valley Creek, Yengo National Park

Yengo National Park lies around 100km north of Sydney, and is a maze of sandstone ridges and gorges. The dominant peak is the basalt capped Mt Yengo, which is visible from the Blue Mountains on a clear day. Water can be a problem, as many of the creeks and rivers do not flow in dry periods, or flow underground. There are a number of fire trails that criss-cross the park, and a 4wd is useful to get access to many of the ones in the northern part.


Yengo is a large park, and there are numerous access points around the perimeter of the park. On the south side, common spots to enter the park are at the Old Great North Road near Wisemans Ferry, and off the west side of the St Albans Rd. On the east side of the park, the unsealed road from St Albans north to Bucketty passes through the park, and the Mogo Creek picnic and camping areas. Also, the Finchley-Yango-Boree Loop near Laguna and Bucketty is accessible by 2wd car. It is possible to go deeper into the park on the Yango Trail with a 4wd or AWD vehicle. In fact, the Yango Trail meets up with the Howes Trail that leaves from the Putty Road on the west side of the park near Howes Valley.

These access points can be found on the appropriate topographic maps.


Macdonald River

Time: 2 days Distance: 20km Fitness: EM Skill: EM Ascent: 80m

A 20km walk with less than 100m of vertical? This easy overnight walk follows the sandy waterways of Yengo National Park.