Looking across Maitland Bay to Gerrin Point, Bouddi National Park

Looking across Maitland Bay to Gerrin Point, Bouddi National Park

Bouddi National Park is a small park lying on NSW's Central Coast about 60km north of Sydney, on the north side of the mouth of the Hawkesbury River and Broken Bay. It protects an area of coastal heath and moors, as well as a number of delightful beaches, and like most of the other parks in the Greater Sydney Region, it is largely sandstone. The park also includes a marine extension, an area of around 300ha around Maitland Bay where fishing is prohibited.


By car, Bouddi National Park is a short drive from Gosford and is best accessed off The Scenic Way, or off smaller roads in the Wagstaff, Pretty Beach and Killcare areas. The park can also be reached by bus from Gosford or Woy Woy station, or by ferry from Palm Beach to Wagstaff.



Numerous short walks can be done from the park boundaries to the various beaches of Maitland Bay, Putty Beach, Little Beach and Tallow Beach. Longer walks often involve some road walking or a car shuffle, but good loop walks to Maitland Bay can be done via Putty Beach or Little Beach.


The park fronts the ocean, so there is plenty of opportunity for sea-kayaking. There is car access to Putty Beach, which could be used to launch kayaks. Otherwise, they would need to be launched from outside the park, making for a reasonable length paddle.


Putty Beach and Maitland Bay

Time: 3 hrs Distance: 9km Fitness: EM Skill: EM Ascent: 140m

A good year round walk to a couple of nice beaches.

Bouddi Coastal Walk

Time: 4 hrs Distance: 10km Fitness: E Skill: E Ascent: 120m

Excellent easy walk through a variety of coastal scenery, with opportunities for swimming