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Time:2 hrs
Maps: LPI Jamison 8930-2N 1:25000
LPI Katoomba 8930-1S 1:25000


Narrow Neck Peninsula, south of Katoomba, has good views from the tops of the sheer-sided cliffs in many directions. This easy walk leads to a lookout with panoramic views over the Jamison Valley, Mt Solitary, and Lake Burragorang, with the Blue Breaks visible in the distance on a clear day.


Head along Cliff Dr from Scenic World in Katoomba. After passing several lookouts, turn left into Glenraphael Dr, which immediately turns into a dirt road. This is normally accessible by 2WD cars, but at times there are large potholes that may make it difficult or even impossible.

Follow the road out along Narrow Neck to a locked gate after 2.6km. At one point there is a steep section which has been cemented. The parking area is about 300m past this.

Alternatively, you can walk from Katoomba Station but it is about 5km each way to the parking area. However, there are buses from the station to places where it would be a shorter walk.

Track notes

From 14 Sep 2004, last checked 12 Jun 2016

Head past the gate on foot, and continue out along the fire trail, keeping an eye out for tracks off to the left. After 400m you will see a small foot track on your left. A short detour of 30m leads to an excellent lookout, and and is worth the short diversion. There are views out over the Jamison Valley, and some interesting rock formations on the rocky outcrop. Return to the fire trail, and continue.

100m further along you pass a fire trail to your left, which you can ignore. While this fire trail does eventually join the Castle Head track, the route is vague and scrubby.

Another 300m of walking along the main fire trail brings you to a turnoff to a small track on the left with a National Parks sign marked "Castle Head Track". Turn left on to this.

The track quickly turns into an old fire trail, with a few ups and downs. There are a couple of old fire trails that head off to the right in this section, and if you are feeling adventurous you could explore these. Some of them lead to interesting lookouts. When the fire trail ends, a track continues straight ahead, dropping down towards the cliffs. Not far after this the trail passes right past the cliff edge, and this is a great spot to stop and check out the views. All of the Katoomba cliffs are visible, as is the massive bulk of Mt Solitary on the far side of the Jamison Valley.

The track continues through low growing eucalypt forest and heath to Castle Cliff trig. The end of the trail is about 70m past here with more views of Mt Solitary, as well as Narrow Neck and Cedar Creek.

After a break, ideally a long one, retrace your steps back to the car.