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Time:4 hrs
Maps: LPI Hornsby 9130-4S 1:25000


Mt Murray Anderson is a prominent peak in Ku-ring-gai Chase NP, overlooking Smiths Creek and Cowan Creek. There are spectacular views from the lookout at the end of the ridge, as well as numerous aboriginal engraving sites on the rock platforms to the west and south.

The walk is good at any time of year, though cooler months are better. The rock engravings are best after rain, but the fire trail section can become quite muddy, and pushing through wet scrub will get you wet in a hurry.


The walk starts from the end of Cullamine Rd in Duffys Forest, but it is best to park at the corner of Mallawa Rd and Bulara St, and walk down Bulara St to the start of the walk.

Public transport options are fairly limited, but there are infrequent buses that run along Booralie Rd, which will get you to within about 500m of the parking spot mentioned above.

Track notes

From 06 May 2020, last checked 25 Apr 2023

At the end of Cullamine Rd is a locked gate, at one end of the Perimeter Trail. Follow the Perimeter Trail for 700m (10 min) to a 4-way junction with the Long Trail, and continue for another 1km (15 min) as the fire trail swings left, and then right, and climbs a small rise. Part way up the rise, at GR330745, look for a very faint track leading off to the left into the bush. The start of the track can be particularly tricky to find.

While there is a track the whole way to Mt Murray Anderson, it is faint and care needs to be taken to avoid losing it. It is fairly clear on the ground in most places, but shrubs grow over the track, making it less than obvious. There are occasional markers - cairns and some tape - but these can be very sporadic.

About two kilometres from the turnoff, a short side track leads to the old Arthur Trig (GR327753), which still boasts an impressive stone cairn.

The track then crosses a small saddle, climbs up to a rise, and then descends to a more open saddle where you get good views of Mt Murray Anderson, and the route ahead.

The first engravings can be found on the first large rock platform that you encounter. The track crosses numerous large rock platforms on the slopes to the west of the peak, and there are a number of engraving sites along the way. These are often framed with sticks, but take care, as they can be hard to see and can be damaged by careless footsteps. Engravings to be found include: several kangaroos (or wallabies), two men, a number of shields, an echidna and a larger spirit figure. There are short sections of track between the platforms. Generally speaking it's best to stay high.

Near the end of the rock plaforms, follow the track up and on to the top of the ridge at a large platform, and head north-west along the ridge. In this last stretch, there are several other engraving sites, as well as some aboriginal stone cairns. After bypassing the final knoll, you pop out on a small rocky outcrop, with the final short flat section of the ridge just ahead. Immediately below this is a very faint engraving of Baiame - hard to see so be careful. The end of the ridge is a great spot to stop for a break in the sun.

After a rest, retrace your steps back to the fire trail, and return to the Long Trail junction. You can take an alternative route back from here by taking the track to the left, opposite the Long Trail, and following it up the hill. Turn right near the bottom of the hill, and then immediately left across a small creek. This track will lead you back to the corner of Mallawa Rd and Bulara St.