Time:4 hrs
Distance:7 km
Ascent:440 m
Maps: LPI Caoura 8928-3N 1:25000
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The Shoalhaven River and lower Bungonia Creek from near Mt Ayre

Bungonia Creek is most commonly visited in the slot canyon, between the two branches of the Red Track. This walk visits the lower section of the creek, upstream from the Shoalhaven River. There are good views from Mt Ayre, and also from the Red Track on the way out. Bungonia Creek is excellent walking for most of the way.

Note that the walk crisscrosses Bungonia Creek, which may be difficult if there has been recent rain.


The walk starts at the main carpark near Bungonia Lookdown. From the park gates, this is about 2km along the main road. Don't forget to register your walk at the visitor centre.

Track notes

From 13 Feb 2005, last checked 13 Feb 2005

Bungonia Creek running over rocky slabs

Start the walk by picking up the White Track, which leaves from the east side of the car park. This is well signposted, and the route is shared with the Red Track for the first few hundred metres. At a knoll, the Red Track veers off to the left, and you should continue straight ahead on the White Track. The track climbs steeply towards Mt Ayre, and then contours around the right hand side of the mountain, shortly reaching a clearing. There are excellent views of the Shoalhaven from the edge, as well as the lower section of Bungonia Creek in which you will soon be walking.

To the right of the lookout, descend on a very steep track on a scree slope. The grade soon eases, and you climb a couple of small knolls. At a large knoll, the track again drops very steeply, and continues for a while, descending 250m in about 600m. As you near the Shoalhaven, the track flattens on a narrow ridge. A knoll here provides good views on both sides. Continue along the ridge to the junction of Bungonia Creek and the Shoalhaven.

Pool in Bungonia Creek

Head upstream on Bungonia Creek. There is no track, but by keeping to the inside bank, the going is pretty easy. Crossing the creek is straightforward as there are many boulders and slabs.

About a kilometre upstream there is an excellent swimming hole, at a deep pool, with slabs on the south side. This is a good spot for lunch, a swim, or both.

After a break continue upstream. After a while you will see a couple of signs indicating blasting at the quarry above. Just after this the creek takes an obvious left hand bend, and you should see markers indicating the start of the Red Track. Locate the bottom of the track and head up the steep ascent.

There are a few good spots to stop and look back, and the limestone quarry on the opposite ridge soon starts to come into view. After some more climbing, the grade eases off a little, the track crosses a gully and climbs up to the ridge rejoining the track you walked in on. Follow this back to the car.

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Personal reports

13/02/2005 - Lower Bungonia Creek: Bungonia Lookdown - White Track - Shoalhaven River - Bungonia Creek - Red Track - Bungonia Lookdown (report | photos)