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Time:10 hrs
Distance:23 km
Ascent:800 m
Maps: LPI Geehi Dam 8525-2N 1:25000
LPI Perisher Valley 8525-2S 1:25000
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Please note that while the maps on this web site are useful and generally contain more, and more accurate, information on trails, the relevant topographic maps should be carried on most walks. These are available from the Lands Information Centre, map shops, and most outdoor stores.


Rock outcrops en route to Consett Stephen Pass

The section of the Main Range between the Mt Kosciuszko and Blue Lake, is the most visited, with the Main Range Track running along this section. However the peaks of Mt Twynam and Mt Tate lie in the next section of the range to the north, and are likely to offer solitude. They can be visited as part of a long day walk from Guthega Pondage.

The Main Range is alpine country and snowstorms can occur at any time of year. Make sure you have the appropriate gear. As with most of the Main Range, the walking season is usually around November to April, though snow drifts can linger into November.

Approaching Mt Tate


Heading towards Charlotte Pass, turn right off the Kosciuszko Rd at Smiggin Holes on to Link Rd. Follow this for 4.9km, and continue straight ahead on to Guthega Rd, avoiding the turnoff to the right which leads to Munyang. After a further 8.8km, park in the parking area on the right just past where the fire trail leads down to the dam wall.

Track notes

From 28 Dec 2015, last checked 28 Dec 2015

Descent off Mt Twynam

Walk down the fire trail to Guthega Pondage, and cross the river on the dam wall. Continue along the fire trail for 250m, and follow it the hill around the hairpin to the right up the hill. At the next bend to the left, climb on to the unnamed ridge leading to the north. There is typically a faint pad on the ridge, though the scrub is fairly mild and easy enough to negotiate. As the ridge starts to flatten out, the track disappears, and some navigation is required to drop into Consett Stephen Pass, which should have a good show of wildflowers in spring and early summer.

Views from Little Twynam

Make your way up on to the ridge and follow this generally south to Mt Tate, the last bit of which is a steep but fairly straightforward ascent. The views are excellent from the rocky summit.

At this point, you can opt to shorten the day by returning south down Tate East Ridge over Gills Knobs, crossing Pounds Creek and then the footbridge at Illawong before a couple of kilometres along the pondage back to the cars.

Crossing the bridge near Illawong

However, the main aim is Mt Twynam, so head SSW along the Main Range. There should be a bit of a footpad, which you can follow past Mann Bluff and into the saddle to the west of Mt Anderson. One more short descent follows, before the second longest uphill of the day. The pad passes to the north side of Mt Anton, and then turns into an old fire trail as you climb higher. Once you gain some altitude it is fairly straightforward to make a beeline for the summit, which is atop a small pile of boulders across an otherwise fairly flat grassy topped mountain. Avoid approaching Mt Tywnam from the east, as the eastern face consists of massive granite slabs above a large boulder field.

Little Twynam and Mt Twynam in the late afternoon

Next stop is Little Twynam. Navigate off via the south east ridge, keeping generally to the south of the granite slabs. Little Twynam may require an easy scramble to the rocky summit.

Descend off Little Twynam to the north east, swinging east and then south east to follow the ridge between Twynam Creek and Pounds Creek. As you descend, you should start to pick up a footpad, which leads to the footbridge over the Snowy River. Cross the bridge and follow the track back to Guthega. It's a short walk along the road to your car.

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Personal reports

28/12/2015 - Tate and Twynam: Guthega - east ridge - Consett Stephen Pass - Mt Tate - Mt Tywnam - Little Twynam - Illawong - Guthega [SBW] (photos)