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Time:2 days
Distance:27 km
Ascent:360 m
Maps: LPI Corang 8927-3N 1:25000
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Please note that while the maps on this web site are useful and generally contain more, and more accurate, information on trails, the relevant topographic maps should be carried on most walks. These are available from the Lands Information Centre, map shops, and most outdoor stores.


Corang Lagoon

The Corang River in its upper reaches sports some lovely pools and cascades and is a beautiful place to visit. There are various campsites along the river, and also in the region of Canowie and Burrumbeet Brooks. There are various walks that can be done to visit it. The loop walk described below is good in the cooler months. In the warmer months, it may be better to stop at the campsites in the vicinity of Broula Brook or Corang Lagoon, and visit the cascades further up the Corang River as a side trip.

Unfortunately the Corang Lagoon area is within private property, and the owners, as at July 2022, are enforcing their right to restrict access. This means needing to walk off track for about 2km and not visiting the lagoon (at least not from the south - it may be possible to cross the Corang River and visit from the north).

Much of the walk is through the Budawangs Wilderness, so there are no signs or marked tracks. That said, a fair section of the track has been modified with duckboards to reduce impacts.

The walk can be done all year round. That said, and while the river is good for swimming in summer, some of the walk is quite exposed to the sun and would be very hot on a sunny day.


The walk starts at the Wog Wog Camping Area, on the western side of the park.

If coming from Sydney, Wog Wog can be reached from either Nowra, or from Marulan, about 20km NE of Goulburn, on the Hume Highway. Most people will find the route via Marulan quicker, unless you are in the southern suburbs of Sydney.

Cascades near Corang Lagoon

Heading SW from Marulan on the Hume Highway (M31), take the Marulan South exit, also signposted to Bungonia State Conservation Area, just past the big petrol stations at Marulan. Pass through the roundabout, and continue for 14.7km to a T-intersection. Turn left, and follow the road around to the right, and through the town of Bungonia. Continue along the road, following signs first to Oallen Ford, across the bridge there, and then right at the T-intersection with the Nerriga Rd, away from Nerriga. After 12.6km, turn left on to Charleys Forest Rd, which quickly becomes unsealed, though generally good quality. After 4.9km turn left into the Wog Wog Camping Area.

Alternatively, from Nowra, follow signs to HMAS Albatross from just south of the town. Turn right on to Braidwood Rd after about 7km, which becomes Turpentine Rd and then Nerriga Rd, before passing through Nerriga. From Nerriga, continue on the Nerriga Rd for 16.7km before turning left on to Charleys Forest Rd, and then proceeding as above.

Track notes

From 29 Oct 2016, last checked 29 Oct 2016

Day 1: Wog Wog to Burrumbeet Brook (14km, 220m ascent)

From the camping area, take the track leading east which winds down to Wog Wog Creek after 500m. Careful use of some slippery stepping stones, possibly with the aid of a stick, should avoid wet feet.

Waterfalls and rock ribs on the Corang River

Continue up the other side on to an old 4wd track, which meanders through open forest, becoming a foot track. After an hour or so you start to reach conglomerate outcrops in the bush. A large one on the right hand side of the track is Tinderry Lookout, and can easily be climbed, with extensive views to the west.

The track continues to wander through more outcrops, and then down across an open swampy area up to a small clearing, where tracks leave to the south and east. Turn left (east) on to the track to Corang Lagoon.

This heads east, then north east down a ridge into Goodsell Creek, before climbing up the other side on to a scrubby heath. There are a couple more smaller gullies to cross before the track opens out on to more heath, then descends to a clearing and campsite at Corang Lagoon. The lagoon is a beautiful wide pool in the river, good for swimming in summer. For about 250m downstream from are a series of attractive water races - these are worth exploring, but the scrub on the banks means that the best way to do so probably involves getting wet.

After enjoying the surrounds, take the track heading south from the clearing, which swings SE after about 50m. This generally continues in the same direction for the next kilometre, crossing one gully, and descending into Broula Brook at MGA366940. Just after the Broula Brook crossing, there are a few small campsites nestled in between the brook and the Corang River.

Continuing on, the track drops into another gully, and then reaches a swampy area, where it becomes more vague. There are a couple of possible routes here, but the track may be difficult to follow, and you may need to head off track or bush bash.

View from Yurnga Lookout

The low route stays near the river, which is well worthwhile as it visits some spectacular pools and waterfalls. This would be a great spot to explore in summer, though the scrub is quite thick close to the water's edge. There may or may not be a track in places. The higher route heads S then SE away from the river from the swampy area, though still no more than 100m. It crosses a couple of rock ribs before rejoining the other route at a small clearing around MGA371937.

From here, the track heads upstream on Canowie Brook, initially higher above the creek, then down at creek level, keeping to the west side. As the creek reaches a wider swampy plain, the track heads south on the western side of the swamp, rejoining the main track at the campsite on the western side of Canowie Brook (MGA375926).

Turn left, crossing the swamp on duckboards, and follow the track over the saddle and down into Burrumbeet Brook. There are two campsites on the left of the track. Alternatively, there are several camp caves in the cliffline up to the right.

If you have time, Yurnga Lookout is worth the detour. The best way to get there is to continue up the Burrumbeet Brook valley to the saddle, and then take a minor track to the south.

Day 2: Burrumbeet Brook to Wog Wog (13km, 200m ascent)

Burrumbeet Brook camp cave

The next day, retrace your steps to the Canowie Brook campsite. Continue along the main track which heads east and then south up to the ridge, via some easy scrambling up steep conglomerate slabs. The track here can be vague. Once near the top, keep to the west side of the ridge, and after about 100m keep an eye out for Corang Arch down to your right. Only the top of the arch can be seen from the track at this point, so you may need to leave the track for a short distance. The arch is spectacular, over 10m wide, and some 20m high in places.

Return to the track and follow it to the south towards the obvious conical Corang Peak. At a track junction take the right hand branch, that leads to the top of the hill. Despite the lack of prominence, the low vegetation of the area means there are excellent views from the top.

Head down the other side, and back on to the main track at a junction at the bottom. Just after this, ignore an obvious track off to the left, which leads to a campsite. Contour around the north side of Korra Hill on duckboards and logs. At the saddle, a short side track leads to a lookout over Snedden Pass and Cockpit Swamp. From there the track heads into low forest, and the views become more intermittent. After a couple of kilometres, the track climbs between a pair of pagodas, and then descends the ridge, returning to the clearing and junction where the Corang River track departs.

From here retrace the first part of the walk from the previous day back to Wog Wog Campground.

Note that the tracks marked on maps are in some cases up to 300m away from where the tracks are on the ground.

Climbing on to Corang Arch

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