Title:Classic Blue Mountains Walks (Wild Guide)
Author:David Noble
Publisher:Wild Publications
Year published:1996
No of pages:28
Price (approx):$ 8.95

While it might seem like a 28-page guide doesn't have enough space to contain much useful walk information, that is certainly not the case for Classic Blue Mountains Walks. As a stand alone guide or for inexperienced walkers, it is of limited value, but for more experienced walkers it offers suggestions for a number of walks not contained within other bushwalking guides.

Due to the size of the guide, the introductory section is necessarily brief. There is a short introduction, a section on minimum impact bushwalking, one on bushfires, and some further reading.

The walks and track notes follow. There are only ten walks in the guide, however, probably only two of these are regularly found in other guides. This makes it quite a valuable little resource. The walks are all overnight or longer, in contrast to many other guides which have mostly day walks.

The track notes have quite a lot of information, but generally suggest routes rather than give specific directions. Where directions are given there are often alternatives which could be taken on repeat visits. Little information on distances, ascents etc is given. This makes it easier for experienced walkers to plan their own route, but would be less useful for inexperienced walkers.

There is a map for each walk. However, the maps are the very basic Wild-style maps, and are barely useful for placing the walk on a standard topographic map.

Overall, this is a great little guide for experienced walkers. Inexperienced walkers would be advised to get some other publications before purchasing this one.